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Treesjoint Foundation

It is the grassroots level ecology conservation nonprofit, focused on working towards reestablishing the fast depleting green cover in our cities and other parts of the country. Our primary goal is to “plant trees for the community by involving the people in the community.”

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What We Do?

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Maintenance of tree saplings

Our work doesn’t stop at just planting trees, we ensure that each planted sapling gets an opportunity to survive and flourish. We do this by activating our volunteer network and the local community in nurturing our projects.

Planting Trees

Primary area of activity focuses on planting as many saplings as possible in cities, rural and forest areas. The initiative is to engage the community in being a part of this drive.

Rehabilitation of Lakes

Depletion of green cover has adversely affected water bodies and their survival, under our water bodies’ rejuvenation work, we undertake activities to replenish lake shores, ground water supply, and habitat restoration

Habitat Conservation

We actively participate in protecting, conserving and managing native plants, flora and fauna which are necessary for biological sustainability of the general population and dependant species.


Our Mission

Proactively work towards enhancing green cover across, urban areas such major Indian metropolitan cities and tier one and tier two cities. Work extensively to reverse the affects of deforestation in major biodiversity areas such as the Western Ghats, The North East Indian belt etc.  Our mission is to educate, engage and inspire the community to take necessary action in planting trees, re-establishing the green cover, attaining environmental sustainability and fight climate change.

Our Vision

Augment the philosophy of care and concern towards the environment and motivating people to plant trees and enjoy the fruits of nature and to gift trees for the coming generations by avoiding global warming and its side effects.

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Board of Directors

Narendra Kumar

Director Operations

Raghu Rao

Director Content & Strategic

Prashant Kumar

Corporate Director
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“The Tree” Earths oldest living guardian.

Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain […]