About Us

About Us

Plant and Save Trees

Treesjoint Foundation is a grassroots level ecology conservation nonprofit, focused on working towards reestablishing the fast depleting green cover in our cities and other parts of the country. Our primary goal is to “plant trees for the community by involving the people in the community.”

The foundation’s objective also focuses on  undertaking corrective action across urban, rural and forest areas by planning, executing and managing afforestation projects aligned with restoration of natural resources such as lakes, ground water and soil well being.

Imbibed in the fundamentals of our Indian culture, Treesjoint Foundation operates on the principles of “Vruskha Samarakshana Samithi” which translates into “a society inculcated in protecting and propagating trees and greenery.” Each tree, that we plant helps in enhancing our environmental well being and combats the ills of climate change, pollution and rampant urbanization.


Our Logo

The “BLUE CIRCLE” with a “GREEN LEAF”within, represents the very essence of life and existence, both symbolizing the importance of water and trees in our survival. The values it denotes is very simple “Protect our earth, Plant more trees & Use natural resources judiciously.” It also represents our core principle which is – “Being one with nature – towards an inclusive existence”

Our Mission

Proactively work towards enhancing green cover across, urban areas such major Indian metropolitan cities and tier one and tier two cities. Work extensively to reverse the affects of deforestation in major biodiversity areas such as the Western Ghats, The North East Indian belt etc.  Our mission is to educate, engage and inspire the community to take necessary action in planting trees, re-establishing the green cover, attaining environmental sustainability and fight climate change.

Our Vision

Augment the philosophy of care and concern towards the environment and motivating people to plant trees and enjoy the fruits of nature.